New website, updated conf dates

(updated Feb 2021 to reflect several COVID-related postponements)

Welcome to the newly-updated website for the ICMRBS, home to an outstanding series of conferences, webinars, and workshops in the biological magnetic resonance community.  Of note:

  • our 29th biannual conference in Boston, MA has been rescheduled from August 2020 to August 2022 due to COVID-19; more information can be found at the conference website.
  • our 30th conference in Seoul, South Korea will be postponed from 2022 to August 2024.  More information will be posted on this as it becomes available.
  • we are currently soliciting bids for our 31st conference, scheduled for 2024 in Europe.  More information can be found here on the process or by email to the current ICMRBS Chairman, Ray Norton.  Bids will be evaluated in October 2020. (conference awarded to Davos, Switzerland for August 2026 – see Oct 13, 2020 post!)

Finally, our long-standing treasurer and website creator, John Markley, has recently passed the reins to Kevin Gardner.  We thank John for his many years of service to the organization and encourage you to direct any comments about this new site by emailing Kevin.